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Oscar-winning films: list of winners
Here is a list of all the films that won the Academy Award as the best films of the year. The winners of the Oscars mainly represent American cinema, but…

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Films of 2019. Summary
To summarize the outgoing year, recalling the good with trepidation and closing the door to the bad, as a rule, is easy and pleasant. However, in the cinema of 2019,…

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Romance in the cinema
Tom has a terrific job at the greeting card agency. One day, Summer comes to them, a new employee, who Tom is sure is his true love, the girl who…

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The best cameos in modern cinema

How and why are cameos created? For what purpose? Why do famous actors and directors agree to these tiny inserts (often for free and even without the credits)? These are the questions that confronted us when this article was conceived. Let’s try to answer them at least partially. A cameo is like a cherry on a cake, a decoration of the moment. You can eat dessert without it, without a cherry, the taste will remain the same. But with a cherry – piquant!

In our humble opinion, cameos are divided into several groups:
1. The prank of the director. His desire – perhaps unconscious – to be in the thick of himself created situations and adventures.
2. A cameo for friendship.
3. The irresistible desire of the director of the film / series to get one or another star, at least flashed on the horizon (make a wish if it falls). Continue reading

The most famous actors who did not receive an acting education

Talk about the most famous movie stars
Most Hollywood stars do not have an acting education, some of them have never even been involved in acting. However, this fact absolutely does not prevent them from winning the hearts of viewers, earning millions of dollars and receiving various bonuses. Resource The Richest has prepared a list of the most famous movie stars who do not have an acting education, but at the same time have won worldwide recognition.
Heath Ledger

Ledger decided to become an actor immediately after graduation. At the age of 17, together with his Continue reading

Leonardo DiCaprio

Bohemian child, favorite of Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino, winner of the Academy Award for Best Actor and Golden Raspberry Award for the worst, actor, producer, idol of millions of female hearts and an enviable bachelor – these are all Leonardo DiCaprio.

CHILDHOOD AND FAMILY Leonardo is the only child of Irmeline Indenbirken and George DiCaprio. At the time of their acquaintance, they were students, she later worked as a secretary in court, and he became a distributor of comics and drew himself, some experts believe that he contributed to the “comic book revolution of the 60s”. Continue reading

Cole Sprouse

Cole Mitchell Sprouse is an American artist, an object of adoration for millions of young viewers, the star of the Disney channel and the TV series Riverdale, the winner of the Teen Choice Awards 2017, Dylan’s twin brother Thomas Sprouse.
Riverdale TV star Cole Sprouse

He was made famous by the Disney positive sitcom, All Tiptop, or Zach and Cody’s Life, which became the most popular TV show for teenagers and children, where he and his brother played the roles of key characters. According to MSN, by the end of the 2000s, they had become the world’s richest twin Continue reading

Alan Rickman

Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman was born on February 21, 1946 in the city of Hammersmith near London in the family of an ordinary factory worker and housewife.

At 8 years old, the boy suffered a tragic loss – his father died. The mother was left alone with four children. Alan lived with his stepfather for several years, but his second marriage soon broke up. The boy studied hard, as he understood that he had no one to count on in this life – the Rickmans lived more than modestly. In the end, Alan’s diligence achieved results – he received a scholarship to study at the prestigious London Latymer School. There he first came out on the stage of the school theater. However, for a long time he did not allow himself to think that he could become an actor, this profession was too unreliable. First, Rickman studied at the School of Art and Design in Chelsea, and then at the Royal College of Art. After studying, the young man worked as a designer in a London newspaper, and then, together with friends, opened a design studio in Soho. However, the case was disastrous and did not bring income. At the age of 26, Alan Rickman realized that you could not escape fate and decided to try to become an actor. First of all, he entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, again Continue reading

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The most famous actors who did not receive an acting education
Talk about the most famous movie stars Most Hollywood stars do not have an acting education, some of them have never even been involved in acting. However, this fact absolutely…


Best films with Jean Reno
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