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European films about teenage love

Films about the love of adolescents can be distinguished in a separate genre in which the Americans are particularly successful. But in Europe you can also find many films about first love, and Cinema of Europe offers you a list of ten such films.

Boom (La Boum)
France, 1980
movies about teenage love boom 1980

“Boom”, as well as its sequel, filmed two years later, went down in history not only as the film debut of thirteen-year-old Sophie Marceau, but also as one of the world’s favorite films about teenagers’ love. The “boom” is saturated with the nostalgic spirit of the eighties, and its main musical themes harmoniously fit into this film cocktail, the basis of which is youth, school, discos, and, of course, first feelings.

“LOL [Rzhunimagu]” (LOL (Laughing Out Loud) ®)
France, 2008
European films about teenage love lol rzhunimaga

This film, in which Sophie Marceau is already playing the mother of the main character, many call the “Boom” of our time. There are plenty of similarities: growing up children, parents who do not understand them, school friends and first love. In 2012, director Lisa Azuelos shot the American version of the film – “Summer. Classmates. Love”.

“My First Time” (Ma première fois)
France, 2012
European films about teenage love my first time 2012

Sarah is the most beautiful girl in the class, who, moreover, is studying hard and thinking about her future. Zachariah is a new student who is bored of cramming lessons, because he is occupied by much more significant categories. For example, Sarah, who conquers the heart of Zach at first sight.

“First Love” (Un amour de jeunesse)
France, Germany, 2011
European films about teenage love first love 2011

The story shot by Mia Hansen-Leve is rather sad and realistic than easy and romantic. Camilla and Sebastian are young and in love, but they are separated by circumstances, time and distance.
At the Locarno Film Festival (Switzerland), the film received the Special Mention prize in an international competition.

“We are 18” (Nos 18 ans)
France, 2008
European films about teenage love us 18 2008

The action takes place in 1990 in one of the cities of the French province. The last day of school, only exams remain. The impudent Luke in the hearts expresses to the teacher of philosophy everything that he thinks of him. That same evening, the beauty of Clemence, who is the daughter of that same teacher, conquers Luke’s heart. But she disappears without even being named, and Luke decides to find her …

“Three Steps Above Heaven”
(Tre metri sopra il cielo)
Italy, 2004
European films about teenage love three meters above the sky 2004

The original Italian film, however, is not as famous as its 2010 Spanish remake. 18-year-old Babi is a smart and beautiful woman who is waiting for a lot of love, Stefano is a slobber, a bully who spends time with bad company. At first they hate each other, and then they cannot live without each other …

“Three Steps Above Heaven”
(Tres metros sobre el cielo)
Spain, 2010
European films about teenage love three meters above the sky 2010

The action is transferred from Rome to Barcelona, ​​the main characters – Babi and Ace. They go through all the stages of the relationship prescribed in the novel by Federico Mochchia, and go to the same finale.
In 2011, the film was nominated for the Spanish national film award Goya in the Best Adapted Screenplay category.

“French for beginners”
(Französisch für Anfänger)
Germany, France, 2006
European films about teenage love French for beginners 2006

Henrik is a carefree student who goes to Paris for his love, the Frenchwoman Valerie, who conquered a shy German who knows only a few words in French.
“French for Beginners” is an easy comedy in which various national features are demonstrated with humor – an inexhaustible topic for romantic stories.

Forgive For Love (Scusa ma ti chiamo amore)
Italy, 2008
European films about teenage love sorry for love

Alex is 37 years old, but he cannot settle down and behaves like an immature teenager. Soon he, having parted with his bride, begins dating 17-year-old Nicky, and their dizzying affair is a headache for all their friends and relatives.
The film is directed by Federico Mochchia, the author of the novel Three Meters Above Sky.

Amore (Amore 14)
Italy, 2009
European films about teenage love amore

Another directorial work is Federico Mochchia.
14-year-old Carolina is waiting for love and seems to find her in the face of Massey. But a promising acquaintance turns into a phone theft. Other relationships cannot distract a girl who is saved only by friends …

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