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French comedies of the 80s

The eighties became an ambiguous period for French cinema. On the one hand, with the development of television, in particular, with the advent of Canal + in 1984, as well as the spread of video recorders, there has been a decline in interest in cinema on the big screen. First of all, intellectual cinema, the author’s cinema, suffers from which the viewer prefers spectacular American films. On the other hand, masters of classical comedy continue to do their job, and French comedies of the eighties continue to attract viewers both in France and abroad.

The eighties in French cinema is the heyday of the work of Le Splendid, a theater troupe formed in the seventies, ten years later found resounding success on movie screens. The “backbone” of Le Splendid is the most famous actors and legends of French cinema today: Christian Clavier, Josiane Balasco, Michel Blanc, Gerard Junho, Thierry Lermitt and Marie-Anne Chazelle. On the account of this company more than twenty films, half of which are in the eighties.

Also during this period, Patrice Leconte, Francis Weber, who presented the audience with the duet of Pierre Richard and Gerard Depardieu, continue to actively create, many are filmed by Claude Zidi, Gerard Uri. But the happy years of the French comedy fall in the first half of the eighties, which, of course, will not escape the attention of an attentive viewer.

We offer a list of the best French comedies filmed in the eighties.

1980 year

Boom / La boum, dir. Claude Pinoto
Give me back my skin … / Rendez-moi ma peau …, dir. Patrick Shulman
Come in – I live with my friend / Viens chez moi, j’habite chez une copine, dir. Patrice Leconte
The game of four hands / Le guignolo, dir. Georges Lautner
Inspector-opener / Inspecteur la Bavure, dir. Claude Zidi
My American Uncle / Mon oncle d’Amérique, dir. Alain Renee
Dukes on exams / Les sous-doués, dir. Claude Zidi
Umbrella prick / Le coup du parapluie, dir. Gerard Uri
Wonderful Day / Une merveilleuse journée, dir. Claude Vital
It’s not me, it’s him! / C’est pas moi, c’est lui, dir. Pierre Richard
I want a break !!! / Je vais craquer !!!, dir. Francois Leterrier

1981 year

Impeccable reputation / Coup de torchon, dir. Bertrand Tavernier
Flea and private property / La puce et le privé, dir. Roger Kay
Grand maneuvers / Les bidasses aux grandes manoeuvres, dir. Rafael Delpar
Play all-in / Le bahut va craquer, dir. Michel Nerval
Clara et Les Chics types, dir. Jacques Monnet
Cool girls / Les babas cool, dir. Francois Leterrier
Men prefer bbw / Les hommes préfèrent les grosses, dir. Jean-Marie Poiret
We are not angels … like women, too / On n’est pas des anges … elles non plus, dir. Michelle Lang
Unlucky / La chèvre, dir. Francis Weber
Fire and Flame / Tout feu, tout flamme, dir. Jean-Paul Rapno
She sees dwarfs everywhere! / Elle voit des nains partout !, dir. Jean-Claude Suessfeld
Error after error / Fais gaffe à la gaffe !, dir. Paul Bougain
The Psychotherapist / Psy, dir. Philippe de Broca
Revenge / La revanche, dir. Pierre Larry
Cabbage Soup / La soupe aux choux, dir. Jean Giraud
School Teacher / Le maître d’école, dir. Claude Berry

1982 year

Ace of aces / L’as des as, dir. Gerard Uri
A quarter to two BC / Deux heures moins le quart avant Jésus-Christ, dir. Jean yann
Boom 2 / La boum 2, dir. Claude Pinoto
Fun … because it’s funny! / Te marre pas … c’est pour rire !, dir. Jacques Benard
Graduates of the last class / Les diplômés du dernier rang, dir. Christian Gion
Santa Claus – scumbag / Le père Noël est une ordure, dir. Jean-Marie Poiret
Are there Frenchmen in the hall? / Y a-t-il un Français dans la salle?, Dir. Jean-Pierre Mokey
Gendarme and Gendarmes / Le gendarme et les gendarmettes, dir. Tony Aboyants, Jean Giraud
Tradesman in the nobility / Le bourgeois gentilhomme, dir. Roger Leather
My wife’s name is Come Back / Ma femme s’appelle reviens, dir. Patrice Leconte
We’re not out of the tavern / On n’est pas sorti de l’auberge, dir. Max Pekas
Never Before the Wedding / Jamais avant le mariage, dir. Danielle Seccaldi
Paradise for all / Paradis pour tous, Alain Jessois
Let those with a big salary raise their hand! / Que les gros salaires lèvent le doigt !, Denis Granier-Defer
Fools on Vacation / Les sous-doués en vacances, dir. Claude Zidi
A quarter of an hour in American / Le quart d’heure américain, dir. Philip Gallan
What can trick a girl? / Qu’est-ce qui fait craquer les filles …, dir. Michelle Vocore

1983 year

African / L’africain, dir. Philippe de Broca
Banzai / dir. Claude Zidi
Poacher from God / Le braconnier de Dieu, dir. Jean-Pierre Darras
Top of Well-Being / Signes extérieurs de richesse, dir. Jacques Monet
The Return of Crazy Recruits / Le retour des bidasses en folie, dir. Michelle Vocore
Do you live with your parents? / Vous habitez chez vos parents?, Dir. Michelle Fermo
Long live social assistance! / Vive la sociale !, dir. Gerard Mordilla
My Friend’s Woman / La femme de mon pote, dir. Bertrand Blieu
Like snow on his head / Un chien dans un jeu de quilles, dir. Bernard Gillow
Just Married / Le jeune marié, dir. Bernard Stora
Bride / La fiancée qui venait du froid, dir. Charles Nemes
Waiter / Garçon !, dir. Claude Saute
Dad / Les compères, dir. Francis Weber

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