Cole Sprouse
Cole Mitchell Sprouse is an American artist, an object of adoration for millions of young viewers, the star of the Disney channel and the TV series Riverdale, the winner of…

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Young actors of new French cinema
We present a list of 20 actors whose names you most often see in central roles in contemporary French films. Most of the men on the list are rising stars…

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French comedies of the 80s
The eighties became an ambiguous period for French cinema. On the one hand, with the development of television, in particular, with the advent of Canal + in 1984, as well…

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French comedies of the 70s

The New Wave, which covered French cinema in the late fifties, began to crowd in the sixties and gradually make way for an entertainment genre. Along with intelligent cinema, eccentric comedies, which have become the cultural value and pride of French cinema, have occupied their strong niche.

The era of classic French comedies began as early as the sixties, when one by one the pictures of Gerard Uri began to appear, giving the world “Open” in 1965 and “Great Walk” a year later. Louis de Funes and Bourville, who starred in both films, have become symbols of the new national cinema and remain to this day. Later they will hand over the baton to Kolyush, Pierre Richard, Christian Clavier and other actors who will be filming with Francis Weber, Claude Zidi, Patrice Leconte, Philippe de Brock.

The seventies can no doubt be considered the heyday of French comedy, the very one that is now called a classic of the genre and the best remedy for bad mood. We present to you a list of the best French comedies, the most vivid and funny, released between 1970 and 1979.

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“Now fly!” (Et qu’ça saute!), Dir. Guy Lefranc
The Atlantic Wall (Le mur de l’Atlantique), dir. Marcel Camus
The Big Matter (L’étalon), dir. Jean-Pierre Mokey
Scattered (Le distrait), dir. Pierre Richard

“Novice” (Les novices) dir. Guy Casaril
The Caprices of Marie (Les caprices de Marie), dir. Philippe de Broca
The Man Orchestra (L’homme orchestre), dir. Serge Corber
“The Gendarme on Vacation” (Le gendarme en balade), dir. Jean Giraud

Big Java (La grande java), dir. Philip Claire
The Return of the Annoying Insect (Fantasia chez les ploucs), dir. Gerard Pires
Jo, dir. Jean Giraud
“Love is fun, love is sad” (L’amour c’est gai, l’amour c’est triste), dir. Jean Daniel Pollet

Mania of Greatness (La folie des grandeurs), dir. Gerard Uri
“Piling On a Tree” (Sur un arbre perché), dir. Serge Corber
Recruits Go Crazy (Les bidasses en folie), dir. Claude Zidi
Escape (La poudre d’escampette), dir. Philippe de Broca
The Old Maid (La vieille fille), dir. Jean-Pierre Blanc

“Runs, Runs Suburbs” (Elle court, elle court la banlieue), dir. Gerard Pires
“A tall blond in a black boot” (Le grand blond avec une chaussure noire), dir. Yves Robert
Lifetime Rent (Le viager), dir. Pierre Chernia
“Adventure is Adventure” (L’aventure, c’est l’aventure), dir. Claude Lelouch
Alfred’s Misadventures (Les Malheurs d’Alfred), dir. Pierre Richard

“Too Beautiful to Be Honest” (Trop jolies pour être honnêtes), dir. Richard Balducci
Crazy Men in the Stadium (Les fous du stade), dir. Claude Zidi
Charlotte in Spain (Les Charlots font l’Espagne), dir. Jean Giraud
“Not only does she talk, she wets everyone” (Elle cause plus, elle flingue), dir. Michel Odiar

The Four Musketeers Charlot (Les quatre Charlots mousquetaires), dir. Andre Yunebel
The Big Grub (La grande bouffe), dir. Marco Ferreri
“Great feelings lead to great food” (Les grands sentiments font les bons gueuletons), dir. Michelle Burnie
“The Big Trouble” (Le grand bazar), dir. Claude Zidi
The Magnificent (Le magnifique), dir. Philippe de Broca
Gaspards, dir. Pierre Chernia
Year 01 (L ’An 01), dir. Jacques Doyon, Alain Rene, Jean Rush
Diplomatic Baggage (La Valise), dir. Georges Lautner

“Bore” (L’emmerdeur), dir. Edouard Molinaro
“Concierge” (Le concierge), dir. Jean Giraud
“Somewhat too calm gentlemen” (Quelques messieurs trop tranquilles), dir. Georges Lautner
“Hi Artist” (Salut l’artiste), dir. Yves Robert
The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob (Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob), dir. Gerard Uri
“Slightly Pregnant” (L’événement le plus important depuis que l’homme a marché sur la lune), dir. Jacques Demy
Ursula and Grelu, dir. Serge Corber
“I don’t know anything, but I will say everything” (Je sais rien, mais je dirai tout), dir. Pierre Richard

Crazy Bed (Le plumard en folie), dir. Jacques Lemoyne, Georges Combret
The Return of the Tall Blond (Le retour du grand blond), dir. Yves Robert
Two Girls in Pajamas (Deux grandes filles dans un pajama), dir. Jean Giraud
“How to succeed when you are a fool and a crybaby” (Comment réussir … quand on est con et pleurnichard), dir. Michel Odiar
Recruits Go to War (Les bidasses s’en vont en guerre), dir. Claude Zidi

“He starts to get angry, or Mustard hits his nose” (La moutarde me monte au nez), dir. Claude Zidi
The Vacationers (Les vacanciers), dir. Michelle Gerard
“Where there is money” (Par ici la monnaie), dir. Richard Balducci
“I kiss until Monday” (Bons baisers … à lundi), dir. Michel Odiar
Four Against the Cardinal (Les Charlots en folie: À nous quatre Cardinal!), Dir. Andre Yunebel
Juliette and Juliette (Juliette et Juliette), dir. Remo Forlani


“Take care of your eyes!” (Attention les yeux!), Dir. Gerard Pires
The Savage (Le sauvage), dir. Jean-Paul Rappno
“Don’t be silent because there is nothing to say” (C’est pas parce qu’on a rien à dire qu’il faut fermer sa gueule …), dir. Jacques Benard

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