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15 German comedies to watch

The phrase “German comedies” alone causes a scornful or skeptical chuckle for many. Germany is a country with a rich cinematic tradition, but its comedies are usually popular with violent Germanophiles, because moviegoers prefer German dramas, and comedies are French, American, cute, charming, in the mood. But in Germany, too, comedy is shot, many of which are unfairly skipped even by those who consider themselves to be connoisseurs of various films, including funny ones.

CineWest offers a list of 15 German comedies that you may like.

German comedy (2)

“Moonlight Tariff” (Mondscheintarif), 2001, dir. Ralph Huttner
Cast: Grushenka Stevens, Tim Bergman, Jasmine Tabatabay, Bettina Zimmermann, Rudiger Clink, Karina Fallenstein and others.

“Moonlight tariff” is the story of a bustling sexy blonde Kora, who, having met the man of her dreams and spontaneously spending the night with him, cannot determine her further behavior. Call or not call first? How not to frighten him away and how to stop constantly thinking about him?
The film has long been one of the favorite “girl” romantic comedy-melodramas, which are reviewed 10 times and discussed with girlfriends.

German comedy (6)

The Seducer (Kokowääh), 2010, dir. Til Schweiger
Cast: Til Schweiger, Emma Schweiger, Jasmine Herat, Samuel Finzi, Numan Akar, Meret Becker, Anna-Sophie Brist, etc.

Henry is a screenwriter experiencing the pangs of creativity and lack of inspiration. Suddenly, he receives a dream proposal – to create a script for a motion picture based on a novel, authored by his former passion. Henry to this day has feelings for her, so he happily agrees to get to work. But the fun begins when a little girl comes to him. Eight-year-old Magdalena is Henry’s daughter, and now he needs to get used to the role of a full-fledged father, because her mother had problems at work …

Magdalen was played by the real daughter of Til Schweiger – Emma.

German comedy (7)

“Acquaintance with the Zuckers” (Alles auf Zucker!), 2004, dir. Dani Levy
Cast: Henry Hübchen, Hannelore Elsner, Udo Zamel, Golda Tencer, Steffen Grotto, Anya Franke, Sebastian Blomber, etc.

Jackie Zucker worked as a sports journalist all his life and one day managed to make a lot of trouble for himself. Divorce and prison looms on the horizon, his mother passed away, and it seems that there will be no end to the edge of these misadventures. After the mother left an inheritance – this is the only plus. But in order to get it, he must settle all friction with numerous relatives.
“Meet the Zuckers” was shot by Dani Levy, winner of the Alfred Bauer Prize (honorary mention) of the Berlin Film Festival for the 1996 film “Silent Night”.

German comedy (11)

The Solar Alley (Sonnenallee), 1999, dir. Leander Houseman
Cast: Alexander Scheer, Alexander Bayer, Robert Stadlober, Teresa Weisbach, Detlev Buk, Katharina Talbach, Henry Hübchen, Ignaz Kirchner, Annika Kul, etc.

The Solar Alley is a street that begins in West Berlin and ends in East. Near the Berlin Wall live Micah and his friends, who are far from political events, the center of which is the place of their geographical location. Their Solar Alley is the Rolling Stones, alcohol and pretty girls.
The film, shot in 1999, is completely stylized to the seventies and is especially recommended to all those who are not alien to nostalgia for this era. The artist of “Sunny Alley” Lothar Holler, who also worked on the tapes “Goodbye, Lenin!”, “My name is Bach”, “Cunning and Love”, received the Federal Prize of the 1st degree.

German comedy (4)

“On Wheels” (Wo ist Fred?), 2006, dir. Anno Saul
Cast: Til Schweiger, Alexandra Maria Lara, Jürgen Vogel, Anya Kling, Christoph Maria Herbst, Tanya Wenzel, etc.

Fred is in love with a girl who has a son. To win the favor of a spoiled boy, desperate, he wants to give him the coveted trophy – an autographed ball from the players of his favorite basketball team. Only a disabled person can get it, with whom Fred decides to pretend for a while, sitting in a wheelchair. But his adventures are just beginning, because with his charm, he defeats the director girl who wants to make a film about fans with disabilities.

German comedy (14)

Soul Kitchen, 2009, dir. Fatih Akin
Cast: Adam Bowsduks, Moritz Bleibtroy, Birol Unel, Anna Bederke, Felina Roggan, Lucas Gregorovich, Dork Grillus, Wotan Wilke Moering, etc.

Zinos Kazanzakis contains the slowly dying Soul Kitchen restaurant in the outskirts of Hamburg. The tax and sanitary services are falling on his head, his girlfriend is hurrying off to Shanghai. In addition to the existing problems, Zinos’s brother Illyas leaves the prison …
The cult comedy “Soulful Kitchen” has already received the Special Jury Prize and the Youth Cinema Prize for the best film at the Venice Film Festival.

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