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Cover girls: actresses who worked as models
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Cover girls: actresses who worked as models

The path from the podium to the screen has always been considered a classic of show business. However, if some girls remain “models invited to the movies”, others become and are perceived as real actresses. Many of the famous women began their journey precisely with the catwalk and magazine covers, although we had already forgotten about it.

We represent 17 famous actresses who worked as models in their youth.

Monica Bellucci
Beautiful Italian, perhaps the most famous model, who became a world-famous actress and became famous precisely on the movie screen. She began her career in her native Italy in 1987, having moved from a remote province in Umbria to Milan, the capital of the world fashion industry.

Bellucci appeared on many covers of the late 80s and early 90s, stepping onto the catwalk for a ton of designer brands.
But it was with Dolce & Gabbana that friendship began for almost three decades, which continues to this day. To this day, Monica, already in adulthood, continues to advertise Italian brand products as a movie star.

Actresses who worked as models – Monica Bellucci

Diana Krueger
Most of the current fans found out about German Diana Krueger from the 2004 Troy film, but her career began back in 1991 at Elite. In 1997, Kruger claimed a role in Luke Besson’s Fifth Element, which eventually went to Milla Jovovich. She did not get the role due to poor knowledge of French, but Besson hinted that the charming blonde should develop in the direction of cinema.

Actresses who worked as models – Diana Krueger

Elizabeth Hurley
Some know Elizabeth as the ex-girlfriend of Hugh Grant, with whom she lived for 13 years. Others can’t remember a single movie with her, but they remember the advertisement for Estée Lauder cosmetics, which Liz has had for many years.

Actresses who worked as models – Elizabeth Hurley

Milla Jovovich
Having started her modeling career at the age of 11 with the filing of her mother, Soviet actress Galina Loginova, Milla still remains a star who successfully combines her acting and modeling career, not forgetting the upbringing of two children with her husband-director.

Actresses who worked as models – Milla Jovovich

Gal Gadot
This beautiful Israeli woman at the age of 18 became the owner of the Miss Israel title, went to the Miss Universe contest, after which she received a lot of offers from fashion brands. A series of filming in magazines was interrupted by cinema, and in 2008 Gadot starred in Fast and Furious 4. But the main starring role was waiting for Gal for several more years. This, of course, is about Wonder Woman, which has become one of the 2017 rental leaders.

Actresses who worked as models – Gal Gadot

Brooke Shields
Like Milla Jovovich after her, Brooke began working as a model while still a child. By the way, it was Shields who became the youngest model to grace the cover of Vogue magazine – in 1980 she was only 15 years old. She came to the cinema at the same time, becoming a real star after the release of the “Blue Lagoon” in the same 1980.

Actresses who worked as models – Brooke Shields

Cameron Diaz
Before becoming a dream girl in The Mask, Diaz worked as a model from her teenage years. A pretty and smiling blonde appeared in commercials for American brands such as Coca Cola and Calvin Klein, but then decided to bet on her acting career. And it didn’t work, because for almost 25 years we have known her as a Hollywood star.

Actresses who worked as models – Cameron Diaz

Sharon Stone
A native of Pennsylvania, like many residents of the American hinterland with a bright appearance, tried her hand at local beauty contests. And extremely successful! After another victory, Stone went on behalf of the Ford Models agency to conquer the heights of European fashion business. Pretty soon, the blonde completed her modeling career, deciding to devote herself to cinema. Small roles gave way to large, and for more than 25 years, the name Stone has always been associated with the film “Basic Instinct.”

Actresses who worked as models – Sharon Stone

Charlize Theron
A beautiful girl from South Africa at the age of 16, at the insistence of her mother, decided to show herself at a beauty contest, and, of course, successfully. From Africa, Charlize went first to Italy, and then to New York. In fact, Theron dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but this dream was not destined to be fulfilled due to a knee injury, but Hollywood took a pretty blonde with open arms.

In 1997, the 22-year-old Charlize played a major role in Devil’s Advocate, which launched the actress’s great film career.

Actresses who worked as models – Charlize Theron

Kim Basinger
Grabbing the Miss Georgia title, seventeen-year-old Kim set off to conquer New York and the world of big modeling business. In the first half of the 80s, long-haired blonde Kim was one of the most popular American models, and, of course, she soon began acting in films. But true success came late by today’s standards.

In 1986, when the melodrama 9 1/2 Weeks was released, Basinger was almost 33 years old. However, after 12 years, Kim received her Oscar for Los Angeles Secrets.

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