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Bald but beautiful: 15 actresses who were not afraid to stay without hair

Femininity is not equal to long flowing curls and lush soft curls. Many famous women have proven that you can shave bald or very short, but still feel confident. Almost all of them did it for roles, but they had to live in a new image for some time in real life.

Introducing 15 actresses who shaved bald or made a very short hedgehog haircut.

Natalie Portman
The most famous Hollywood beauty, who not only shaved for the film, but did it in front of the camera, and the moment entered the cinema. Would you like to see? See “V for Vendetta.”

Bald Actresses – Natalie Portman

Kristen Stewart
In the spring of 2017, the idol of adolescents shocked fans, appearing in the light almost bald, or rather, with a platinum “hedgehog”. Nothing foreshadowed. “This is very practical!” – said the actress in an interview.

Bald Actresses – Kristen Stewart

Demmy Moor
Demi became one of the first stars who decided to shave for the role in the film. Then, the wife of Bruce Willis got rid of luxurious dark hair on the set of the military drama “Soldier Jane”.

Bald Actresses – Demi Moore

Cate blanchett
Australian actress shaved for the movie Paradise. Blanchett admitted that getting rid of hair was an incredibly liberating experience for her.

Bald Actresses – Cate Blanchett

Charlize Theron
For the sake of Monster, a luxurious Hollywood blonde gained 15 kg and mutilated herself, and shaved for the movie Mad Max: The Road of Fury. And who will say that she didn’t have an extremely short haircut?

Bald Actresses – Charlize Theron

Ann Hataway
Hathaway got rid of her stunning thick dark hair for the role of Fantina in the musical Les Miserables. And the victims were not in vain: the actress for this role received an Oscar.

Bald Actresses – Anne Hathaway

Sigourney Weaver
In the first and second parts of “Alien”, the actress played with hair, but for the third part in 1992 I had to shave baldly.

Bald Actresses – Sigourney Weaver

Kate hudson
Hudson suddenly appeared in the light with an extreme “hedgehog”, literally shocking the public. It turned out that all the victims for a new role in Sia’s film “Sister,” which is scheduled for release in 2018.

Bald Actresses – Kate Hudson

Rose mcgowan
Forgotten by all, Rose McGowan, who was talked about loudly in connection with the scandal with Harvey Weinstein, shaved from the most noble (in her opinion) motives. She did this in protest against the generally accepted canons of femininity in Hollywood, proving to herself and the rest that you can be a woman without luxurious hair and perfect styling.

Bald Actresses – Rose McGowan

Olivia Cook
The young British actress had to shave naked for the role. Olivia played a cancer-sick girl in the indie drama “Me, Earl and the Dying Girl.” With such eyes, of course, it is not scary to get rid of hair.

Bald Actresses – Olivia Cook

Karen Gillan
The Scottish actress, who became famous for her role in the series Doctor Who, shaved her head for the role of the villain Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Bald Actresses – Karen Gillan

Cynthia Nixon
The star of the series “Sex and the City” in 2012 became completely bald. And she did this not for the role in the movie, but for the role in the theater! Cynthia played the poetry teacher Vivian Bering, suffering from oncology.

Bald Actresses – Cynthia Nixon

Ekaterina Volkova
For the role of a prostitute in the drama Inhale-Exhale, the beauty had to completely get rid of her hair. I must admit, this did not spoil her completely.

Bald Actresses – Ekaterina Volkova

Julia Vysotskaya
Vysotskaya became bald for the lead role in Andrei Konchalovsky’s film “Paradise.” The actress herself admitted that she herself did not expect such a radical change in image and thought that she would just need to cut her hair short. Haircut became a real challenge for 42-year-old Vysotsky.

Bald Actresses – Julia Vysotskaya

Mariya Kozhevnikova
Kozhevnikova got rid of her hair right on the set of the military drama “Battalion”, in which the girl had a major role. In an interview with StarHit magazine, Maria said: “This is not much that I could do for this film. I decided that I should survive what the girl who became the prototype of my heroine survived. ”

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Bald but beautiful: 15 actresses who were not afraid to stay without hair
Femininity is not equal to long flowing curls and lush soft curls. Many famous women have proven that you can shave bald or very short, but still feel confident. Almost…