Best films with Jean Reno
The best films with Jean Renault easily fit into the basis of the canonical comedy and detective genre of modern French cinema. His heroes easily fit into exciting detective stories,…

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The best films about love and passion
Cinema about love is a terrible cliche, cynics say, and yet ... It is saving and all-consuming, passionate and sensual, impudent, beautiful, uncomfortable, but alluring - many films have been…

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Series 2020. New in February
February is the month of the groundhog, lovers and defenders of the Fatherland, a time of vitamin deficiency and depression in anticipation of spring. To entertain and distract will help…

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Young actors of new French cinema

We present a list of 20 actors whose names you most often see in central roles in contemporary French films.

Most of the men on the list are rising stars of the new French cinema, but many of them have already been noted by professionals from the international film community, who awarded these talented actors prestigious film awards.

Louis Garrell
Born June 14, 1983 in Paris.

Young French Actors – Louis Garrel

The Dreamers, 2003
Paris History (Dans Paris), 2006
“All songs are only about love” (Les chansons d’amour), 2007
The Beautiful Fig Tree (La belle personne), 2008
Friends (Les deux amis), 2015
Gaspar Ulliel
Born November 25, 1984 in Boulogne-Billancourt.

Young French Actors – Gaspard Ulliel

The Long Engagement (Un long dimanche de fiançailles), 2004
The Last Day (Le dernier jour), 2004
“Saint Laurent. Style is Me ”(Saint Laurent), 2014
“This is just the end of the world” (Juste la fin du monde), 2016
Nicolas Duvoshel
Born March 27, 1980 in Paris.

Young French Actors – Nicolas Duvochelle

“The blonde with naked breasts” (La blonde aux seins nus), 2010
“Tell us about yourself” (Parlez-moi de vous), 2012
“For the sake of a woman” (Pour une femme), 2013
“Now or Never” (Maintenant ou jamais), 2014
“I am not a bastard” (Je ne suis pas un salaud), 2015
Pierre Nine
Born March 13, 1989 in Paris.

Young French Actors – Pierre Nine

“I love to look at girls” (J’aime regarder les filles), 2011
“Pretend to be my boyfriend” (20 ans d’écart), 2012
Yves Saint Laurent, 2013
“The Perfect Man” (Un homme idéal), 2015
Franz 2016
Tahar Rahim
Born July 4, 1981 in Belfort.

Young French Actors – Tahar Rahim

The Prophet (Un prophète), 2009
“After love” (À perdre la raison), 2012
“Grand Central. Love for Atoms ”(Grand Central), 2013
Anarchists (Les anarchistes), 2015
Daguerreotype (Le secret de la chambre noire), 2016
Reda Kateb
Born July 27, 1977 in Ivry-sur-Seine.

Young French actors – Reda Kateb

“Who’s There,” (Qui vive), 2014
Hippocrate, 2014
“Air Resistance” (La résistance de l’air), 2015
“Beautiful days in Aranjuez” (Les beaux jours d’Aranjuez), 2016
Django, 2017
Rafael Personas
Born July 23, 1981 in Paris.

Young French Actors – Rafael Personas

Three Worlds (Trois mondes), 2012
“Claude to the rescue” (La stratégie de la poussette), 2012
Marius, 2013
“In the forests of Siberia” (Dans les forêts de Sibérie), 2016
Vincent Lacoste
Born July 3, 1993 in Paris.

Young French actors – Vincent Lacoste

Beautiful Guys (Les beaux gosses), 2009
Jacky in the Kingdom of Women (Jacky au royaume des filles), 2013
Hippocrate, 2014
“Mama’s Son” (Lolo), 2015
Saint Amour: The Pleasures of Love (Saint Amour), 2016
“In bed with Victoria” (Victoria), 2016
Nils schneider
Born June 18, 1987 in Paris.

Young French Actors – Niels Schneider

“Imaginary Love” (Les amours imaginaires), 2010
Black Diamond (Diamant noir), 2016
Sleeping Beauty (Belle Dormant), 2016
Finnegan Oldfield
Born January 10, 1991 in Lewis (UK).

Young French Actors – Finnegan Oldfield

“Cowboys” (Les cowboys), 2015
The Modern Love Story (Bang Gang (une histoire d’amour moderne)), 2015
“Paris is a holiday” (Nocturama), 2016
Kanten Dolmer
Born February 18, 1994 in Dreux.

Young French Actors – Cantin Dolmer

“Three memories of my youth” (Trois souvenirs de ma jeunesse), 2015
“Me and You” (Sage femme), 2016
Felix moati
Born May 24, 1990 in Paris.

Young French Actors – Felix Moati

Pirate Television (Télé gaucho), 2012
“The rules of life of a French guy” (Libre et assoupi), 2013
“Let’s three together” (À trois on y va), 2015
Pio Marmay
Born July 14, 1984 in Strasbourg.

Young French Actors – Pio Marmay

“Love and Fresh Water” (D’amour et d’eau fraîche), 2010
“In Your Hands” (Contre toi), 2010
The Teacher (Maestro), 2014
Singing Tomorrow (Des lendemains qui chantent), 2014
First Time (Toute première fois), 2014
Our Future (Nos futurs), 2015
Kev Adams
Born July 1, 1991 in Paris.

Young French Actors – Kev Adams

“Son” (Fiston), 2014
The New Adventures of Aladdin (Les nouvelles aventures d’Aladin), 2015
Friends of the Society (Amis publics), 2016
Gaspar Proust
Born June 28, 1976 in Paris.

Young French Actors – Gaspard Proust

“Love lives for three years” (L’amour dure trois ans), 2010
Singing Tomorrow (Des lendemains qui chantent), 2014
The Ideal (L’idéal), 2016
Pierre Rochefort
Born in 1981 in Paris.

Young French Actors – Pierre Rochefort

“He left on Sunday” (Un beau dimanche), 2013
Our Future (Nos futurs), 2015
“Marie and the Losers” (Marie et les naufragés), 2016
Kevin Azais
Born August 16, 1992 in Deauville.

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