Movies about time travel and parallel reality
Time travel films have gained popularity decades ago. Today, we are pleased to review them, and the directors do not stop making films on this topic, sending their heroes to…

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Italian movies to watch
Contemporary Italian cinema is very different from cinema half a century ago. But even in it you can find interesting dramas, melodramas and comedies that will please the viewer. CineWest…

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Cole Sprouse
Cole Mitchell Sprouse is an American artist, an object of adoration for millions of young viewers, the star of the Disney channel and the TV series Riverdale, the winner of…

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Young English actresses: Hollywood and UK stars

New British film actresses successfully continue their traditions, skillfully tacking between the big screen and TV shows, Hollywood and shooting in the scenery of their native England, historical costume dramas and bold author’s projects.

Introducing the names of the most famous young British actresses – beautiful and talented women of modern cinema in the UK and Hollywood.

List of Top Young English Actresses
Emma Watson
Born April 15, 1990 in Paris (France).

Young English Actresses: Emma Watson

“It’s Good to Be Quiet” (The Perks of Being a Wallflower), 2012
The Elite Society (The Bling Ring), 2013
Colony Dignidad (Colonia), 2015
Beauty and the Beast, 2017
Emily Blunt
Born February 23, 1983 in London.

Young English Actresses: Emily Blunt

“The Devil Wears Prada” (The Devil Wears Prada), 2006
“Young Victoria” (The Young Victoria), 2009
The Girl on the Train, 2016
Mary Poppins Returns (2018)
Rosamund Pike
Born January 27, 1979 in London.

Young English Actresses: Rosumund Pike

Gone Girl (2014)
“Vacation Dreams” (What We Did on Our Holiday), 2014
The United Kingdom (A United Kingdom), 2016
Rebecca Hall
Born May 3, 1982 in London.

Young English actress: Rebecca Hall

“Vicky Cristina Barcelona” (Vicky Cristina Barcelona), 2008
Psychic (The Awakening), 2012
The End of the Parade (Parade’s End, mini-series), 2012
The Promise (A Promise), 2013
Christine 2016
Emilia Clark
Born October 23, 1986 in London.

Young English Actresses: Emilia Clark

Game of Thrones (Game of Thrones, TV series 2011-)
“See You” (Me Before You), 2016
Voice from the Stone, 2017
Lily Collins
Born March 18, 1989 in Guildford.

Young English Actresses: Lily Collins

“Snow White: Revenge of the Dwarves” (Mirror Mirror), 2012
“With Love, Rosie” (Love, Rosie), 2014
Out of the Rules (Rules Don’t Apply), 2016
Felicity jones
Born October 17, 1983 in Birmingham.

Young English Actresses: Felicity Jones

Northanger Abbey, 2006
Like Crazy (2011)
“Full Breast” (Breathe In), 2012
The Theory of Everything, 2014
Gemma Arterton
Born February 2, 1986 in Gravesend.

Young English Actresses: Gemma Arterton

Irresistible Tamara (Tamara Drewe), 2010
The Voices, 2014
The Other Bovary (Gemma Bovery), 2014
“The Chronicles of Love” (The History of Love), 2016
Hundreds of Streets (100 Streets), 2016
“Their Starry Half Hour” (Their Finest), 2016
Ruth Wilson
Born January 13, 1982 in Ashford.

Young English Actresses: Ruth Wilson

Jane Eyre (mini-series), 2006
Luther (TV series), 2010 – 2016
“Lovers” (The Affair, TV series), 2014 –
Claire Foy
Born April 16, 1984 in Stockport.

Young English Actresses: Claire Foy

Little Dorrit (mini-series), 2008
The Destroyers (Wreckers), 2011
The Crown (The Crown, TV series 2016 -)
Michelle Dockery
Born December 15, 1981 in Essex.

Young English Actresses: Michelle Dockery

“Downton Abbey” (Downton Abbey, TV series), 2010 – 2015
Good Behavior (TV series 2016 -)
Holliday Granger
Born March 27, 1988 in Didbsbury.

Young English Actresses: Holliday Granger

“Borgia” (The Borgias, TV series), 2011 – 2013
Great Expectations, 2013
Lady Chatterley’s Lover, 2015
Keira Knightley
Born March 26, 1985 in Teddington.

Young English Actresses: Keira Knightley

Domino 2005
Pride and Prejudice (Pride & Prejudice), 2005
Atonement, 2007
“Last Night in New York” (Last Night), 2009
“Baby” (Laggies), 2014
Carey Mulligan
Born May 28, 1985 in London.

Young English Actresses: Carey Mulligan

“Education of feelings” (An Education), 2008
“The Best” (The Greatest), 2008
“Far from the Crazed Crowd” (Far from the Madding Crowd), 2015
The Suffragette (Suffragette), 2015
Imogen Poots
Born June 3, 1989 in London.

Young English Actresses: Imogen Poots

“Miss Trouble” (She’s Funny That Way), 2014
A Country Called Home, 2015
Frank and Lola (Frank & Lola), 2016
Andrea Riseborough
Born November 20, 1981 in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Young English Actresses: Andrea Riseborough

“WE. Believe in Love ”(W.E.), 2011
Hidden (2014)
“Shepherds and Butchers” (2016)
Kaya Scodelario
Born March 13, 1992 in London.

Young English Actresses: Kaya Scodelario

Wuthering Heights, 2011
“28 thousand” (Twenty8k), 2012
Emanuel The Truth About Emanuel, 2013
“Tiger House”, 2014
Jenna Coleman
Born April 27, 1986 in Lancashire.

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