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Marion Cotillard: “Love is the driving force”

In France, the new drama “The Illusion of Love”, which became the film adaptation of Milena Agus’s novel “Stone Disease,” was released in wide release. In Russia, the film is released on December 22.

“The Illusion of Love” is a story that spans 20 years of the life of Gabrielle, a young woman from the French hinterland. Passionate and freedom-loving, she was married off by her parents to a man to whom she had no experience, but then truly fell in love with another. The action takes place in the fifties.

Starring Marion Cotillard gave an interview to the French magazine Version Femina, where she spoke about the new role, self-awareness in the acting profession, working with partners and love.

We present the most interesting fragments of the conversation.

illyuziya-lyubvi-2016About Illusions of Love

“Nicole Garcia told me about this film when she offered to play in the Sea View Balcony.” During the filming of Macbeth, producer Alain Attal told me that Nicole wants to offer me the lead role in Illusions of Love. I just finished work in the films Two Days and One Night and Macbeth, and I needed a break. Nicole is also an actress, so she understood everything and patiently waited a year.

I didn’t read Milena Agus’s novel, but Gabriel’s personality touched me. I was attracted to her passion, ardor and audacity, for which she was condemned by society. I am also concerned about the denial of differences and the imprisonment of a person within the framework of stereotypes and decency rules of his era. Any person deprived of his freedom to be who he is eventually either dies or goes crazy. ”

About the role of Gabriel

“She dreams of great love, wants to live a full life, to love the one she loves, and that her feminine nature should be respected by others. The simplicity of her desires responds beautifully in me. She is an unusual person, but there is nothing extravagant in her desires.

Gabrielle is very sensual. She has the degree of emancipation that allows her to comprehend sensuality through her body. In the society in which she grew up, such freedom was censured, which led to a conflict between her and the rest. ”

Shot from the movie “The Illusion of Love”
About Louis Garrell (Illusion of Love partner)

“He is special. Remaining a mature person, he retains a charming childish immediacy. If he needs something, he asks. He is very funny and touching. ”

Marion Cotillard and Louis Garrell at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival
About Robert Zemeckis

“Zemeckis is a terrific person, dreamy, inventive. He took on a historical film about love, a genre that he had not addressed before. Of course, this is a completely different world, a completely different movie, because this is a big Hollywood mechanism. ”

With Brad Pitt on the set of Robert Zemeckis’ Allies
“Allies” in the Russian box office since December 1.

About work in France and the USA

“I have the opportunity to work with such great directors as Jacques Odiar, the Dardenne brothers, Arno Deplachen. In the USA, I starred in great directors who inspire people to create powerful work. The balance is established by itself. Of course, you need to work hard, make efforts, have fun, otherwise nothing will work. Roles are not born from learning a text. Perhaps at the very beginning, when you have this freshness and innocence, you just need to learn the text and pronounce it. But the more you work, the more you need to work. ”

Cotillard – a rare French actress who won the Oscar
About Rock and Roll Guillaume Canet

“This is a comedy! Quite a different matter. I was delighted with the script, dialogue and rhythm of the film. It was a lot of fun on set. Guillaume is an excellent director who I love working with, even if not everything goes smoothly. ”

The film “Rock and Roll” is released in February 2017.

About working with directors

“I trust the directors. If I feel that I did not give all my best, then I ask for more duplicates. Recently, on the set, we did just one take of a strong complex scene. The director came up to me and said: “I already have everything I need.” I was discouraged! It seemed to me that I could offer something else. But I put up. Let’s see what happened ”

About love

“Love cannot be limited to the“ meaning of life. ” She is above passion. It is a source of life, freedom, joy. Love is the driving force. ”

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