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The best cameos in modern cinema

How and why are cameos created? For what purpose? Why do famous actors and directors agree to these tiny inserts (often for free and even without the credits)? These are the questions that confronted us when this article was conceived. Let’s try to answer them at least partially. A cameo is like a cherry on a cake, a decoration of the moment. You can eat dessert without it, without a cherry, the taste will remain the same. But with a cherry – piquant!

In our humble opinion, cameos are divided into several groups:
1. The prank of the director. His desire – perhaps unconscious – to be in the thick of himself created situations and adventures.
2. A cameo for friendship.
3. The irresistible desire of the director of the film / series to get one or another star, at least flashed on the horizon (make a wish if it falls).
4. His Majesty Chance.
5. Miscellaneous, other …

It is impossible to start a story about a cameo without mentioning a recognized maestro, master and icon of this art. This, of course, is the famous Stan Lee. He is the creator of the Marvel comics, but his constant attraction is to act in film comics of this universe, while not forgetting about simple films and cartoons. The comic mini-film “Stan Lee School of the Cameo” was even shot about this. In it, old Lee teaches the most complicated skill of “cameo acting” of popular actors. Movies with a cameo star can be listed for a long time, because the creator of Iron Man and Peter Parker appears in almost all Marvel movie comics, and his images in them are simply gorgeous.

Hot Dog Seller (X-Men); an old man saving a child; another old man saving a woman from the wreckage (Spider-Man 2); an old man sitting at the checkout and drinking coffee; in the film “Doctor Strange,” he reads a comic strip on a tram that the main character falls on while folding space. A man with a watering hose (with water striking against the laws of physics) in the movie X-Men: The Last Battle. And many, many others. Lee has far-reaching plans and dreams. And rightly so – he is only 94 years old. Well done! Way to go, old Stan!

Now let’s get to the points:
1. The prank of the director

The brightest representative of this type of cameo-craftsmanship is Eldar Ryazanov. He appeared with pleasure in many of his paintings. But the scene from the movie “Garage” can be called the most beloved and brightest. Remember his “moment of glory” after a healthy and long sleep on a hippopotamus: “Draw lots” … Pull out this piece of paper, you are our happy. “You can also recall the roles in the comedy“ Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath! ”,“ Old Nags “,” The Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia “and so on. It is worth noting the inimitable cameo of another famous Russian director, Leonid Gaidai, namely his dimensionless long arm in the comedy” Prisoner of the Caucasus, or Shurik’s new adventures. “And his famous phrase that went to the people: “Announce all sleep ok, please “from the film” Operation “Y and Other Adventures Shurik”.

Many more directors play cameos in their films. For example, Peter Jackson “lit up” in “The Hobbit”, “The Lord of the Rings” and “Scarecrows”. Quentin Tarantino loves to appear in the image of “reckless” characters, often – excellent villains. As a rule, they do not live long, but they are remembered forever. Mandatory on this list is maestro Alfred Hitchcock, whose need for actors has grown into his own piece of cameo director. He became one of the founders of this phenomenon along with Michael Todd.

2. Friendship cameo

Here are a few options for example. First: friends who play episodes and cameo roles in each other’s films with enviable regularity. These are Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider and Steve Buscemi – the three most friendly people in the movie. And also Allen Covert (10-second Tom in the movie “50 First Kisses”). Their support for each other’s projects is a role model. They also say that actors, like women, do not know how to make friends. False theory.

Second example: Simon Pegg and his spectacular fleeting appearance in the film, where the main role is played by his friend Nick Frost. Namely, the film “Dance from here!”. Ah, a surprised look, which, while driving in a car, Simon threw at the guys performing the “dueling” dance in the parking lot … and the change of frame. All! But what a look! Worth it. Mig, but this is just the highlight of the film!

And there is also a friendship between the actor and the director, which passes the test of time. Whenever possible, Sam Raimi found a cameo for Bruce Campbell in a big movie to the delight of the viewer. Recall at least such tapes as “Oz: The Great and the Terrible” and the trilogy about “Spider-Man”.

3. The appearance of stars in films and TV shows to raise the ratings and popularity of the project

As an example – the favorite series of millions “Friends”. How many wonderful actors appeared there: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Charlton Heston (playing himself, unlike others) and many others.

This includes two successful animated series “The Simpsons” and “Futurama”, which simply dazzled with the appearance of celebrities of various stripes, which is why it is not uncommon that “they got nuts.”

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