Spanish films
Spanish cinema even moviegoers often overlook, and it really stands out among the representatives of European cinema. Especially for those who want to get to know him, we have collected…

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Young Hollywood Actors: Modern American Stars
Each year, Hollywood presents to our attention new actors, regularly updating their own top list of the most fashionable, beautiful, sought after, talented and worthy names of modern American cinema.…

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Alan Rickman
Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman was born on February 21, 1946 in the city of Hammersmith near London in the family of an ordinary factory worker and housewife. At 8 years…

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Spanish actresses: stars of modern cinema

Spanish cinema occupies a separate place in both European and world cinema. And his pearls are his actresses, beautiful, talented women, proudly wearing the titles of national cinema abroad.

Presenting a list of the 20 most famous actresses in Spain.

Lola Duenhas
Lola duenhas spanish actress

Born October 6, 1971 in Barcelona.

Lola was born in a creative family, her father is a television and theater actor Nicolas Duenhas. Like her colleague Penelope Cruz, Lola Duenhas proudly carries the title of Almodovarov actress. In addition, she has many prestigious international awards, including awards for the best female roles of Cannes and San Sebastian film festivals and several Spanish national Goya awards.

Penelope Cruz
Penelope Cruz Spanish Actresses
Born April 28, 1974 in Madrid.

Penelope is the face of modern Spanish cinema in Hollywood. She started acting as a teenager, worked a lot in TV shows. Penelope Cruz is the first Spanish actress to receive an Academy Award (Vicky Cristina Barcelona). For her role in The Return, Pedro Almodovara received the Silver Award at the Cannes Film Festival.

The striking appearance of the Spanish actress allows her not only to act in films, but also to work as a model – she is a long-term “messenger of beauty” L’Oreal, worked with Ralph Lauren and Mango. Engaged in charity work.

Elena Anaya
Elena Anaya Spanish Actresses
Born July 17, 1975 in Palencia.

Anaya was born into a large family – she is the youngest of four children. As a child, studying at school, Elena preferred sports (rock climbing, scuba diving), which was later replaced by the acting profession.

The start of the girl’s great acting career was given by the Spanish classic Julio Medem, who shot her in the drama “Lucia and Sex”. Today Elena Anaya starred both in her native Spain and in taking part in French and international projects.

Carmen Maura
Carmen Maura Spanish Actresses
Born September 15, 1945 in Madrid.

Carmen Maura is one of the most popular, beloved, talented Spanish actresses of our time. Worked with movie classics before becoming one of Pedro Almodovar’s main muses, Maura began her career as a singer and studied at the School of Fine Arts in Paris.

For the role in the film “Return”, along with Penelope Cruz and other casting actresses, she received the Cannes Film Festival Silver Award for Best Actress.

Candela pena
Candela Peña Spanish Actresses
Born June 14, 1973 in Gava. The real name of the actress is Maria del Pilar Peña Sanchez.

She studied at the Dance Institute in Barcelona, ​​studied at the Andalusian theater center, then moved to the capital. Candela Pena – three-time winner of the Spanish film award “Goya”.

Maribel Verdu
Maribel Verdu Spanish Actresses
Born October 2, 1970 in Madrid.

For the first time on the screen, Verdu began to appear at the age of 13 in commercials. Alfonso Cuarona gained wide popularity among the viewer after the release of the film “And Your Mother, too”.

By 2014, Maribel Verdu had 8 nominations for the Goya Prize and 2 prizes, including for the best actress in the acclaimed black and white Snow White.

Paz Vega
Paz Vega Spanish Actresses
Born on January 2, 1976 in Seville. Real name is Paz Campos Trigo.

One of the most famous, beautiful, recognizable Spanish actresses abroad. Vega’s great acting career started with Julio Medem’s Lucia and Sex project, for which she received the Goya Award for Best Debut and Chopard Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Young Actress.

Since 2004, Paz has starred in Hollywood and international projects, for example, in 2014, she appeared on the screen in the role of Maria Callas in “Princess of Monaco”.

Elsa Pataki
Elsa Pataki Spanish Actresses
Born July 18, 1976 in Madrid. Real name – Elsa Lafuente Medianu.

By mother, Elsa has Romanian and Hungarian roots. At the University, the future actress studied journalism, but pretty soon began to take acting classes. After a pleiad of roles in television series, in 2001 Pataki played a small role in the film “No Tidings from God” with Penelope Cruz and Victoria Abril.

Elsa does not act in film so much, but devotes enough time to her family – her husband, the famous Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, and three children.

Maria Valverde
Maria Valverde Spanish Actresses
Born March 24, 1987 in Madrid.

Valverde is one of the most famous young Spanish actresses. She was born in a creative family, already at the age of 10 she tried herself on the theatrical stage. The first significant role was in 2003 in the film “The Bolshevik’s Weakness”, after 2 years there was the scandalous “Melissa: An Intimate Diary”, then “Cracks” with Eva Green, and finally, “Three Meters Above Sky Level” and its continuation, which became a cult film about teenage love.

Pilar Lopez de Ayala
Pilar Lopez de Ayala Spanish Actresses
Born September 18, 1978 in Madrid.

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