Leonardo DiCaprio
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Movies with Louis de Funes: a list of the best comedies
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The most anticipated films of 2020

The year 2019 turned out to be a turning point for the film industry. So, the adaptation of the Marvel comics “Avengers 4: Final” broke many absolute records, including the most important, lasting a decade. The movie “Joker” was the first project in history with an American rating of R, which managed to earn more than a billion dollars. Sony studio, led by the same Marvel, presented its highest grossing story about Spider-Man. At the same time, the partners managed to break, and then again renew the agreement on the sharing of the character. The South Korean drama “Parasites”, which created a sensation in Cannes, confidently collected the most prestigious international awards and aimed at the Academy Awards.

The entire film market was in a fever ahead of the launch of new streaming services, and the former monopolist, Netflix, suffered enormous losses. All indications are that in the coming year many trends of the outgoing year will continue. Except, perhaps, for the title of the highest grossing film project in history. So, what films of 2020 should the audience pay attention to and not let their release.

The Invasion (2020)
Duration: 129 minutes Budget: $ 10,000,000

It is possible to relate differently to the work of the director Fyodor Bondarchuk, but his ability to shoot the most spectacular and one of the most successful domestic blockbusters cannot be denied. The sequel to the fantastic melodrama “Attraction” is clearly no exception. An obvious candidate for leadership among Russian-made films in 2020. At the box office, it is traditionally the most profitable period of time for such paintings – during the New Year holidays.

1917 (2020)
Duration: 118 minutes

With a delay traditional for our rental, a military lady who claims to have all sorts of awards comes out. World War I quite rarely falls into the lenses of famous filmmakers, and here on the other side of the camera turned out to be the whole Sam Mendes, moreover, with cameraman Roger Dickins and his unique shooting techniques. Since January 30, in theaters on the largest screens.

“Birds of Prey: The Stunning Story of Harley Quinn” (2020)
Budget: $ 75,000,000

The legacy of the DC comic book adaptation of “Suicide Squad”, which is worth going to the movies to a large extent from the presence of Margot Robbie in defiant outfits and with a bat in his hands. One can only hope for a fair amount of self-mutilation, so characteristic of this villain, and a stream of joking jokes. All this colorful female disgrace in the cinema since February 6.

Ice 2 (2020)

In recent years, sports dramas have become a real fad of the domestic industry. They are in high demand among a significant part of our viewers, and even sport, multiplied by the charisma of the main star of the Russian screen of Alexander Petrov, and even more so. The sequel to the very successful film “Ice” in 2017 was absolutely inevitable, so we smile and ride since February 14.

“The Amazing Journey of Dr. Doolittle” (2020)

Surely the audience will find a kind of symbiosis between Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark, because Robert Downey Jr. starred in the main role, but positively impossible to miss the story full of adventures and talking animals that became the forerunner of our Doctor Aibolit. In Russia, the tape will be released a little later than in other countries – February 20.

Bloodshot (2020)

Films in the Vin Diesel genre are always a good remedy for boredom or bad weather, and even if such a project is based on a very interesting graphic novel, all the more so. The movie adaptation trailers didn’t set up for something original, but it’s definitely worth evaluating Diesel’s attempt to get out of the shadow of “Fast and the Furious”. At least as a gift for Defender of the Fatherland Day. From February 20th.

“Sonic in the movie” (2020)
Duration: 100 minutes Budget: $ 90,000,000

Initially, this film could interest only fans of a series of video games about a very fast blue hedgehog. But the dramatic struggle for the “right” design of the protagonist made us pay attention to this project and the audience is completely far from the gaming industry. Well, the presence of such talented actors as Jim Carrey and James Marsden can somewhat mitigate the damage to vision. February 20, you can start the race.

Quiet Place 2 (2020)

The first series of this fantastic thriller about the invasion of monsters that are responsive to sounds has become a real revelation. The second part is simply obliged to bring the project to a new level. At least explain the causes of the global catastrophe. Well, and beat off the invaders home planet. Although, this can be left until the third film. Let’s try to find out from March 19.
The Invisible Man (2020)
Budget: $ 1,230,000

From the fantastic work of Herbert George Wells, only the name remains. The concept was reworked, as they say, in real time, and, according to modern trends, the focus of the plot is not a man, but a woman. Naturally, very visible. Of course, pursued by an evil peasant. Despite the banality of the design, it is still worth evaluating the picture.

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