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Unplayed roles: 8 films in which Sarah Jessica Parker could star

An ugly, but successful, actress without outstanding talent, but in demand and recognizable … Sarah Jessica Parker is an American actress who became famous for one role, but played a host of others and excelled in many areas. Before the role of Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah was categorically unlucky, and for a long time she remained somewhere in the backyards of Hollywood. And all because many star roles literally swam away from under her nose.

We present 8 films in which Sarah Jessica Parker could play, but either she refused, then she refused, and, in the end, other actresses played the role. And to many they brought genuine glory and admiration.

Dirty Dancing (1987)
Little is known about this, but actor Billy Zane in an interview noted that Parker was auditioning for the main role, but she was refused. The role of Baby became the main in the life of Jennifer Gray.

Unplayed roles: 8 films in which Sarah Jessica Parker could star – Dirty Dancing (1987)

Dangerous Liaisons (1988)
The director has already seen Sarah in the role of Cecile in a costume melodrama on the same platform with John Malkovich, Glenn Close and Michelle Pfeiffer. But, after reading the script, Parker refused the role, and it was played by Uma Thurman.

Unplayed roles: 8 films in which Sarah Jessica Parker could star – Dangerous Liaisons (1988)

“Business Woman” (1988)
In 1987, Parker was auditioned for the lead role, but she was denied. The role of the entrepreneurial Tess McGill made star Melanie Griffith.

Unplayed roles: 8 films in which Sarah Jessica Parker could star – “Business Woman” (1988)

“Beauty” (1990)
For Sarah to play the role of Vivian, the director Gary Marshall wanted. Surprisingly, Parker herself refused the role, only due to the fact that the heroine is a girl with reduced social responsibility, which probably could ruin the role of the young actress. Many will remember this when the actress becomes Carrie Breshdaw, a journalist writing “about it.” And Julia Roberts received a Golden Globe, an Oscar nomination and millions of fans around the world for Beauty.

Unplayed roles: 8 films in which Sarah Jessica Parker could star – Beauty (1990)

“Four weddings and one funeral” (1993)
Sarah was considered for the role of American Carrie, who demented the shy hero Hugh Grant. But they preferred Andy MacDowell, and the film became a cult, having won many nominations, including an Oscar.

And she played with Hugh Grant 15 years later in the comedy “The Spouses Morgan on the Run.”

Unplayed roles: 8 films in which Sarah Jessica Parker could star – Four Weddings and One Funeral (1993)

Godzilla (1998)
In 1998, Parker, along with her husband Matthew Broderick and Jean Reno, could play Godzilla. But she was refused and given the role of Maria Pitillo. And probably for the better, because Pitillo was awarded Golden Raspberry for this role as the best supporting actress, and Parker in 1998 already became the star of Sex and the City.

Unplayed roles: 8 films in which Sarah Jessica Parker could star – Godzilla (1998)

“The Object of My Admiration” (1998)
In 1998, Sarah was considered for a role in this romantic melodrama, but she was preferred by Jennifer Aniston.

Unplayed roles: 8 films in which Sarah Jessica Parker could star – “Object of my admiration” (1998)

“Vacancy for the victim” (2006)
In this thriller, Parker was already practically approved for the main role, at least at the pre-production stage she and Luke Wilson were considered. But at the very last moment it became known that Kate Beckinsale would play a role.

Sarah Jessica Parker was born March 25, 1965 in the American city of Nelsonville, which is located in Ohio. Stephen Parker, Sarah’s father, worked as a journalist, was the owner of a commercial business. Mom Barbara Keck worked as a teacher and teacher in elementary school. Barbara and Stephen had four children.

Sarah Jessica Parker is an American actress and producer. Known for the role of Carrie Bradshaw from the series Sex and the City. Thanks to this work, she was awarded the Golden Globe Award four times and the Emmy Award twice. Natural charm and talent helped the artist become one of the main fashionistas of the planet and an icon of style. But not many people know that to move forward and realize her creative potential, Sarah Jessica is caused by the self-doubt that she is subject to from a young age.

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