The most anticipated films of 2020
The year 2019 turned out to be a turning point for the film industry. So, the adaptation of the Marvel comics "Avengers 4: Final" broke many absolute records, including the…

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Movies with Adriano Celentano
Films with Adriano Celentano occupy a considerable place among the Italian comedies loved by the audience. Many people know only a couple of films with an actor, which are most…

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Movies with Louis de Funes: a list of the best comedies
Comedies with Louis de Funes are loved by more than one generation of our viewers. This actor, while still being a pianist, became famous among the public, making funny grimaces…

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Movies about time travel and parallel reality

Time travel films have gained popularity decades ago. Today, we are pleased to review them, and the directors do not stop making films on this topic, sending their heroes to the past or the future. They say that history does not know the subjunctive mood, but everything is possible in the cinema, including going to the past and see if it is possible to correct the mistakes made and live life again.

Here is a list of interesting films about time travel and parallel reality.

“Somewhere in Time,” 1980
Films about time travel and parallel reality: “Somewhere in Time”, 1980
“Somewhere in Time” – American melodrama about a journey into the past
Somewhere in Time (USA), directed by Jeanne Schwartz

Cast: Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour, Christopher Plummer, Teresa Wright, Bill Erwin.

Richard Collier is a playwright from Chicago. Once an unfamiliar elderly woman approaches him, holds out an old watch and whispers “Come back to me.” Not paying attention to this incident, Richard after some time discovers a photograph of one actress, taken in 1912. He understands that this is the same woman. Using the techniques of self-hypnosis, Richard returns to the past and meets with her.

“Back to the Future”, 1985
Films about time travel and parallel reality: “Back to the Future”, 1985
Back to the Future is America’s favorite time-travel comedy.
Back to the Future (USA), directed by Robert Zemeckis

Cast: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Leah Thompson, Crispin Glover, Thomas F. Wilson.

Without a doubt, the cult American science fiction comedy, loved by more than one generation of moviegoers. The action takes place in the mid-80s. Marty McFly is a high school student in Hill Valley. He is friends with the eccentric scientist Emmett Brown, embodying the most daring experiments. His latest invention is a time machine that will carry the heroes several decades ago, forward, capturing even the previous century.

“Peggy Sue Married,” 1986
Films about time travel and parallel reality: “Peggy Sue got married”, 1986
“Peggy Sue Got Married” – an American melodrama about a trip to school days
Peggy Sue Got Married (USA), director Francis Ford Coppola

Cast: Kathleen Turner, Nicolas Cage, Barry Miller, Katherine Hicks.

Peggy Sue is a young American with her husband and children. Her marriage is falling apart, and she does not understand how to behave. Once she comes to a meeting of graduates of her school, and the next day she wakes up and finds herself at the time when she was just finishing school.

Groundhog Day, 1993
Films about time travel and parallel reality: Groundhog Day, 1993
Groundhog Day – a cult American comedy about the endless repetition of the same day
Groundhog Day (USA), directed by Harold Ramis

Cast: Bill Murray, Andy McDowell, Chris Elliot, Stephen Tobolowski, Brian Doyle-Murray.

To cover the annual Groundhog Day, a reporter, Phil Connors, is sent to an American province, whom this event does not inspire at all. And the terrible happens: having lived this hated day, he cannot get out of it. Waking up in the morning, Phil sees the same date on the calendar – February 2. Now he has to live the same events over and over again, which he learns by heart and dreams of ending this nightmare.

The Aliens, 1993
Films about time travel and parallel reality: “Aliens”, 1993
“Aliens” – a cult French comedy about moving from the Middle Ages to the present day
Les visiteurs (France), directed by Jean-Marie Poiret

Cast: Christian Clavier, Jean Reno, Valerie Lemercier, Marie-Anne Chazelle, Isabelle Nanti.

Count Francois de Montmirail lives in France of the XII century and is going to get married. The curse of the evil sorceress temporarily deprives him of reason, and he kills the father of his bride. He has the opportunity to correct the error by contacting the magician, who with the help of a magic potion and spell can return the count back in time. But due to the magician’s annoying mistake, the count, together with his servant, ends up in modern France, where he meets his descendants.

“Caution! Doors are Closing ”, 1998
Films about time travel and parallel reality: “Caution! Doors are Closing ”, 1998
“Caution! Doors Are Closing ”- British melodrama about a girl’s life in two parallel realities
Sliding Doors (United Kingdom, USA), director Peter Howit

Cast: Gwyneth Paltrow, John Hannah, John Lynch, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Zara Turner.

Returning home earlier than usual, Helen finds his boyfriend in bed with the other. Having parted with the traitor, she begins a new life. But if she didn’t have time for the train, she would not have known that her lover has another, and would have lived as before. The film tells two Helen stories, developing in parallel.

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