Isabelle Huppert - Iron Lady of French Cinema
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Best Movies with Louis Garrell

Louis Garrel is deservedly called the face of modern French cinema. This charismatic Parisian with dark curls is especially organic in unhurried dramas about human relations with piercing dialogues. In 2015, Friends appeared on the screens, and it became clear that Louis was a worthy successor to not only the creative, but also the directorial dynasty. For 15 years, Garrell actor has developed a fan of roles on the screen, which can be called landmark for his career. We represent the most striking works of the French actor.

“This is my body,” 2001
Best Movies with Louis Garrell (1)

Ceci est mon corps

Director: Rodolfo Marconi

Cast: Louis Garrel, Jane Birkin, Elizabeth Depardieu, Melanie Laurent, Annie Girardeau.

One of the first great works of Louis Garrel and Melanie Laurent, which made up the company of Jane Birkin and Annie Girardeau. The story of Antoine, still young, but already tired of relationships, disappointed and having lost the taste of life. In order to somehow stir himself up, he decides to try himself in a movie that should change his life.

“Dreamers”, 2003
Best Movies with Louis Garrell (2)

The dreamers

Director: Bernardo Bertolucci

Cast: Eva Green, Louis Garrel, Michael Pitt, Anna Chancellor.

While Paris in 1968 was shaking from socio-political unrest, Isabelle, Theo and Matthew live a full life in the walls of a large bohemian apartment. Young, passionate and free, they watch movies and play games that combine childish immediacy with adult emancipation.

“My mother”, 2004
Best Movies with Louis Garrell (3)

Ma mère

Director: Christoph Honore

Cast: Isabelle Huppert, Louis Garrel, Emma de Cohn, Joana Preiss, Jean-Baptist Montagu

An aesthetic drama, controversial and controversial, describing the relationship of a 17-year-old boy with his mother, who is famous for very free morals. Garrell’s first work with director Christoph Honore, in which he will be removed much more.

Permanent Lovers, 2005
Best Movies with Louis Garrell (4)

Les amants réguliers

Director: Philip Garrell

Cast: Louis Garrel, Clotilde Em.

The dramatically black and white drama of Philip Garrell sends the main characters in the spring of 1968. They are young, emotional, and against the background of a revolution raging in the streets, a romance begins between Francois and Lily.

Paris History, 2006
Best Movies with Louis Garrell (5)

Dans paris

Director: Christoph Honore

Cast: Romain Duris, Louis Garrel, Joan Preuss, Guy Marchand, Marie-France Pisier.

A leisurely drama with a melancholy-Parisian mood. Paul is experiencing a difficult break with the girl and returns to his father’s house. To survive the pain, he closes in the room of his brother, who, together with his mother, is trying to pull him out of a depressed state.

Prelude, 2006
Best Movies with Louis Garrell (6)

Un lever de rideau

Director: Francois Ozone

Cast: Louis Garrel, Mathieu Amalric, Vaina Giocante.

In the short film Francois Ozon there are only three heroes: Bruno, Pierre and Rosetta. Bruno is waiting for his beloved, who is late again. And for the first time in his life, he decides to part with her if she lingers more than 45 minutes.

“All songs are only about love”, 2007
Best Movies with Louis Garrell (7)

Les chansons d’amour

Director: Christoph Honore

Cast: Louis Garrel, Ludivine Sagnier, Chiara Mastroianni, Clotilde Em, Gregoire Leprens-Renge, Yannick Rainier.

The story could turn into an ordinary melodrama about betrayal and suffering, if not for the form in which Christoph Honore presents the picture. This is a musical about a love triangle and non-traditional relationships, whose characters love, cry, suffer, give in and ask endless questions in song form. The film was shown in the competition program of the Cannes Film Festival 2007.

The Beautiful Fig Tree, 2008
Top Movies with Louis Garrell (8)

La belle personne

Director: Christoph Honore

Cast: Louis Garrell, Lea Seydoux, Gregoire Leprens-Renge.

Junie is 16 years old. After the death of her mother, she goes to another school, where she immediately attracts the attention of classmates. First, the girl is fond of Otto, and then switches to the charismatic Italian teacher Nemura. And although both know that their relationship is impossible, Juny does not stop hoping.

The film is based on the novel “Princess of Cleves” by Marie-Madeleine de Lafayette.

The Frontier of Dawn, 2008
Best Movies with Louis Garrell (9)

La frontière de l’aube

Director: Philip Garrell

Cast: Louis Garrel, Laura Smet, Clementine Puadatz, Olivier Massard.

Francois and Carole meet on the set. He is a young photographer, and she is a married actress, and an affair very quickly begins between them. Carol can not cope with feelings and decides to commit suicide, but from the life of Francois does not disappear. Before his wedding, she appears in the mirror and still does not want to share her lover with anyone.

Jealousy, 2013
Best Movies with Louis Garrell (10)

La jalousie

Director: Philip Garrell

Cast: Louis Garrel, Anna Muglalis, Rebecca Convenan, Olga Milstein, Esther Garrel.

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