Polish Actresses: Movie Legends and Modern Stars
Cinewest presents a list of 20 Polish actresses, among whom you will find both the stars of modern cinema and the names of the legends of Polish cinema. Beata Tyszkiewicz…

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Polish Actresses: Movie Legends and Modern Stars
Cinewest presents a list of 20 Polish actresses, among whom you will find both the stars of modern cinema and the names of the legends of Polish cinema. Beata Tyszkiewicz…

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Unplayed roles: 8 films in which Sarah Jessica Parker could star
An ugly, but successful, actress without outstanding talent, but in demand and recognizable ... Sarah Jessica Parker is an American actress who became famous for one role, but played a…

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Movies with Adriano Celentano

Films with Adriano Celentano occupy a considerable place among the Italian comedies loved by the audience. Many people know only a couple of films with an actor, which are most often shown on TV, but there are much more worthy tapes with an inimitable comedian. Presenting 15 films worth seeing with Adriano Celentano.

Serafino, 1968

Serafino – a simple guy from the Italian province, moonlighting as a shepherd. He is not very smart, but incredibly kind, cheerful and lonely. Having received the inheritance, Serafino decides to distribute money to fellow villagers, and, rejecting the assaults of the mercantile bride, connects fate with the frivolous mother of many children.

In 1969, Serafino received the Golden Prize of the Moscow Film Festival.

“The story of love and knives”, 1971
Love story and knives

Er più: storia d’amore e di coltello

The young and impudent bandit Nino is ahead of schedule released from prison. His bride, Rose, is a girl of amazing beauty, whom men fall in love with at first sight. Wanting to tie up with a criminal past, Nino, at the insistence of Rosa, arranges to trade in fish, but he has a competitor who is going to compete with him not only in the market.

“White, Red and …”, 1972
White, red and …

Bianco, rosso e …

The plot of this Italian drama is the story of impossible love between the atheist-communist Annibale and nurse Germana. The picture is about how former beliefs fade into the background under the onslaught of real feelings.

Emigrant, 1973


Peppino Cavallo – a resident of Naples, looking for his father. One day, he sets off on a journey across the Atlantic, and on the ship he meets the eccentric Italian Rosita Flores, who is fleeing major troubles with gangsters in her homeland. But even having left Italy, neither she nor he succeeds in hiding from the ubiquitous bandits.

Five Days, 1973
Five days

Le cinque giornate

Mid-19th century, Italy confronts Austrian rule. During the fighting, one of the shells breaks through the wall of a city prison, from where a thief named Kainazzo escapes. While he was serving his sentence, the country changed a lot, becoming a place of endless political and public battles. Along with Romolo, whose bakery was also destroyed, Kainazzo constantly gets involved in a series of funny adventures.

Rugantino, 1973


Rome, 1848 Rugantino is a merry fellow and a womanizer in love with the married beauty Rosetta. Her husband is painfully jealous, and one day he kills an aristocrat who dared to perform a serenade for his missus. To avoid a deserved punishment, Rosetta’s husband has to hide, and then Rugantino has a chance …

“Hurry until your wife returns,” 1975
Hurry until your wife returns

Yuppi du

Sylvia and Felice are not too happy spouses. To finally go to the Italian moneybags and live the life she dreamed about, she imitates suicide. A few years later, Sylvia has the idea of ​​returning a child who has remained with Felice, but he has already entered into a new marriage, and his wife is a lady with a difficult temperament.

“Bluff”, 1976

Bluff storia di truffe e di imbroglioni

Beauty Belle Duke is the owner of the casino, and at the same time the head of the mafia group. She has her own scores with Italian swindler Philip Bang serving time in jail. To rescue him from there and get even, she hires a sneaky Felix with fellow bandits, but they deceive her and hide after the release of Bang. He, in turn, decides to seize the moment and take revenge on Belle, conceived a sparkling combination that looks like a talented poker bluff.

Unlucky Paparazzi, 1977
Unlucky paparazzi

Ecco noi per esempio …

Antonmatteo Colombo, nicknamed Click – tabloid paparazzi, which is constantly chasing the heroes of his random photo essays. Once, Click meets a beginner writer, and from that moment the adventures of two new friends begin.

“Velvet hands”, 1979
Velvet hands

Mani di velluto

Guido Qwilleran is an engineer who made a fortune by selling armored glass for the windows of jewelry boutiques. His business pleases store owners, but angers thieves and insurers. After an unsuccessful pursuit of his beloved girl, whom he wanted to return the bag, Guido falls into the fountain. The family of thieves who followed him takes him for his own – an unfortunate amateur thief, and decides to shelter at home. The rich Guido has to pretend to be a thief in order to charm the lady who conquered his heart.

The Taming of the Shrew, 1980
Taming of the Shrew

Il bisbetico domato

Elia is a convinced bachelor living on her own farm. He is rude, good manners are alien to him, and he treats women with great hostility. One rainy evening on the threshold of his house appears a young and beautiful townswoman Lisa, spoiled by male attention and accustomed to courteous treatment. Both of them seem to have to rethink their principles.

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