Cole Sprouse
Cole Mitchell Sprouse is an American artist, an object of adoration for millions of young viewers, the star of the Disney channel and the TV series Riverdale, the winner of…

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The best films about love and passion
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The most romantic films: about love and not only
Romance is in the air, it is scattered with molecules that need to be put together and weave something inspiring from them. For example, a film about love or friendship,…

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Movies with Louis de Funes: a list of the best comedies

Comedies with Louis de Funes are loved by more than one generation of our viewers. This actor, while still being a pianist, became famous among the public, making funny grimaces during the performance, and then he made them an integral “feature” of his acting.

Not too clever, but sparkling and charismatic, hysterical and shrill – that is how Louis de Funes remained in his many comedies. We present a list of the best films with the legendary French comedian.

List of the best films with Louis de Funes
“Not Caught – Not a Thief”, 1958
The Gentleman of Epsom, 1962
The Gendarme of Saint-Tropez, 1964
“Explode the Bank”, 1964
Fantomas, 1964
Razinia, 1965
“Restaurant of Mr. Septim”, 1966
The Big Walk, 1966
Oscar, 1967
“Great Vacation”, 1967
The Little Bather, 1968
Tattooed, 1968
Frozen, 1969
“Man Orchestra”, 1970
“Piling On a Tree”, 1971
Mania of Greatness, 1971
The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob, 1973
“Wing or leg”, 1976
Skloka, 1978
“Mean”, 1979
Cabbage Soup, 1981
“Not Caught – Not a Thief”, 1958
Best Movies with Louis de Funes: Not Caught, Not a Thief, 1958

Ni vu, ni connu
Director: Yves Robert

Blaire sells mushrooms in the market of the French town of Montpagnard, whose tranquility seems impossible to break. Wanting to earn extra money, he secretly catches fish and sells it, but local gendarmes do not give a chance to catch a dodging poacher. One day, one of them is attacked, and Blaurot goes to jail. When a real criminal is announced, Blairo cherishes the hope of coming out, but circumstances are different.

The Gentleman of Epsom, 1962
Best films with Louis de Funes: “The gentleman of Epsom”, 1962

Le gentleman d’Epsom
Director: Gilles Grignier

Richard Briand-Charmery (Jean Gabin) – retired commander, and now – a successful con man who trades with paid advice at the races. His pouting sweepstakes business requires new customers for a quality money divorce, and he is recommended by Gaspard Ripe (Louis de Funes). A successful restaurateur, he is known to be stingy and distrustful, and in order to convince him to make a bet, he needs a man like a “commander” – respectable and with the gift of persuasion.

The Gendarme of Saint-Tropez, 1964
Best films with Louis de Funes: “The Gendarme of Saint-Tropez”, 1964

Le gendarme de Saint-Tropez
Director: Jean Giraud

The gendarme Louis Cruchot receives a promotion and arrives in Saint-Tropez along with the young beauty-daughter Nicole. Local gendarmes welcome him to their circle, but soon their joy gives way to disappointment. The eccentric Kryusho is trying to intervene and call everyone on the path of the law, even those where it is not required at all. And the once cozy resort town becomes noisy and full of adventure.

“The Gendarme of Saint-Tropez” is the first film about the adventures of the gendarme Crouchot performed by Louis de Funes. Further on the screens were the paintings “The Gendarme in New York” (1965), “The Gendarme marries” (1968), “The Gendarme on vacation” (1970), “The Gendarme and gendarmes” (1982).

“Explode the Bank”, 1964
Best films with Louis de Funes: “Explode the Bank”, 1964

Faites sauter la banque!
Director: Jean Giraud

Following the advice of his neighbor banker, Victor Garnier, who owns the Hunting and Fishing store, made an unprofitable investment. Seduced by the promised profit, Garnier bought the shares of the company, which was soon nationalized. Having lost their savings, Victor and his family decide to act immediately. they need to infiltrate the bank by digging.

Fantomas, 1964
Best films with Louis de Funes: Fantomas, 1964

Director: Andre Yunebel

In Paris, crime after crime is committed, and no one can catch the mysterious villain Fantomas. Commissioner Juve begins to investigate the case of the elusive masked man, who is assisted by the bride of the kidnapped journalist Fandor – Helen.

The story of Fantômas with Louis de Funes and Jean Mare became a trilogy: in 1965 the film Fantômas raged was released, in 1966 Fantômas vs Scotland Yard.

Razinia, 1965
Best films with Louis de Funes: “Opener”, 1965

Le corniaud
Director: Gerard Uri

The simple-minded Antoine Marechal (Bourville) receives from the prosperous Leopold Saroyan (Louis de Funes) a gorgeous convertible as compensation for his wrecked car. Inspired by the new acquisition, he rushes to Italy, and does not suspect at all that he is used to smuggle gold and drugs.

“Restaurant of Mr. Septim”, 1966
The best films with Louis de Funes: “Mr. Septim’s Restaurant”, 1966

Le grand restaurant
Director: Jacques Benard

Mr. Septim is the owner of the restaurant and a completely unbearable person. He is constantly dissatisfied with everything and finds fault with everyone, even when there is no reason for this. Once during dinner, he visits the president of a certain country directly from the restaurant, and then, wanting to save the honor of his establishment, the owner decides to take a direct part in the investigation.

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