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Spanish films

Spanish cinema even moviegoers often overlook, and it really stands out among the representatives of European cinema. Especially for those who want to get to know him, we have collected three dozen films from Spain that are worthy of the attention of the cinephiles. Most of these works by Spanish directors take pride of place in European cinema and have been awarded national and world film awards.

cows, 1992
Director: Julio Medem
Cast: Emma Suarez, Carmelo Gomez, Ana Torrent, Carra Elehalde, Clara Badiola, Txema Blasco, Candido Uranga, Pilar Bardem, etc.

The story of the neighborly hatred of two families that grew and grew for three generations.
The first feature film of the now iconic Spanish director Julio Medem.

red squirrel, 1993
La ardilla roja
Director: Julio Medem
Cast: Emma Suarez, Nancho Novo, Maria Barranco, Carra Elehalde, Carmelo Gomez, Christina Marcos, Monica Molina, Ana Gracia, Elena Iruret, etc.

Hota is a young man who planned to commit suicide by jumping from a bridge. But he was prevented – a girl who, at the most inopportune moment, jumped from the same bridge that she had chosen for Hot’s suicide. It turns out that Sofia lost her memory, and both of them embark on a journey that will change their lives.
Red Squirrel received two Goya awards for Best Actress and a prize from the youth jury at the Cannes Film Festival.

secrets of the heart, 1997
Secretos del corazón
Director: Moncho Armendaris
Cast: Carmelo Gomez, Charo Lopez, Sylvia Mount, Vicki Peña, Andoni Erburu, Inigo Garces, etc.

Javi and his friend Carlos wander around on an old abandoned house. His brother tells them that the voices of dead people are heard in this house. Javi later becomes interested in a strange room in his house, which is always closed. All these secrets disturb the boy, and he decides to learn more about it at all costs.

open your eyes 1997
Abre los ojos
Director: Alejandro Amenabar
Cast: Eduardo Noriega, Penelope Cruz, Chete Lera, Fele Martinez, Naiva Nimri, Gerard Barre, Jorge De Juan, Miguel Palenzuela and others.

Beautiful and successful Cesar takes her beloved girl to her best friend. As if in revenge, fate prepares misfortune for him – in a terrible accident, a young man comes out with a disfigured face.
The film impressed American filmmakers so much that they bought the rights to it, turning Open Eyes into Vanilla Sky. Penelope Cruz played the same role in both paintings. “Open Your Eyes” received the European Confederation of Feature Film Prize – an honorary mention (Panorama program) at the Berlin International Film Festival.

lovers of the Arctic Circle, 1998

Los amantes del Círculo Polar
Director: Julio Medem
Cast: Naiva Nimri, Fele Martinez, Nancho Novo, Maru Valdivielso, Peru Medem, Sara Valiente, Victor Hugo Oliveira and others.

Parents Otto and Ana fell in love and small children became one family. When they grew up, they realized that they really loved each other. After Otto’s own mother dies, the young man leaves his beloved and becomes a pilot flying over the Arctic Circle.

Lovers of the Arctic Circle is one of the best films of Julio Medem and one of the best European films about love.

butterfly language, 1999
La lengua de las mariposas
Director: Jose Luis Cuerda
Cast: Fernando Fernand Gomez, Manuel Lozano, Uxia Blanco, Gonzalo Uriarte, Alexis de los Santos, Jesus Castejon, Guillermo Toledo and others.

Having first arrived at school, the eight-year-old Moncho does not find a common language with his peers, but finds protection in the person of his good teacher. Together with Don Gregorio Moncho makes an amazing journey into the world of nature and his own life, however, the teacher’s guardianship was not enough to protect Moncho from serious misconduct.

The Butterfly Language won the Goya Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

single, 1999
Director: Benito Zambrano
Cast: Maria Galiana, Ana Fernandez, Carlos Alvarez-Novoa, Antonio Decent, Paco de Osca, Juan Fernandez, Miguel Alcibar and others.

Lonely is a piercing Spanish drama about loneliness, in the center of which are the stories of mother and daughter. Maria is one of Rosa’s four children. She left long ago from her parent, as soon as she was able to live independently. Suddenly, Maria’s father falls ill, he goes to the hospital, his mother settles with her daughter to look after him. Mary discovers that she is pregnant …

The Lonely received five Goya awards and three Berlinale awards.

all about my mother, 1999
Todo sobre mi madre
Director: Pedro Almodovar
Cast: Cecilia Roth, Marisa Paredes, Candela Peña, Anthony San Juan, Penelope Cruz, Rosa Maria Sarda, Fernando Fernand Gomez, Tony Canto, etc.

In a monstrous car accident, Esteban dies – the only son of Manuela. Not remembering herself from grief, she returns to where she had not been the last sixteen years – to Barcelona.

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