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The best films of Sophie Marceau

The filmography of Sophie Marceau has more than four dozen films in which she starred in more than thirty years of her career. Arriving at the cinema at the age of thirteen, Marceau did not interrupt her work, changing only genres, periodically turning to directing and writing scripts.

Cinema of Europe offers a list of Sophie Marceau’s fifteen most vivid films in cinema, which is easy to follow the busy career of France’s Most Desired Woman, as her compatriots often called her.

The Boom, 1980
movies sophie marceau boom 1980

Director: Claude Pinoto
Cast: Sophie Marceau, Claude Brasser, Brigitte Fosset, Denise Gray, Alexander Sterling, Dominic Lavanan, Sheela O’Connor, Alexandra Gonen, Bernard Girodo, Richard Borinzhe and others.

“Boom”, as well as its continuation, released two years later, is a story from the life of young Vic, full of lovely teenage problems with lovers, parents, and classmates.
The first film by Sophie Marceau for many years has become her “calling card” and to this day is included in the list of not only the best and favorite paintings with the participation of the actress, but also the best films about first love.

“Happy Easter”, 1984
movies sophie marceau happy easter 1984

Director: Georges Lautner
Cast: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Sophie Marceau, Marie Laforet, Rosie Warth, Michelle Bon, Marie-Christine Decouar, Gerard Hernandez, Elizabeth Colammar, Flora Alberti, etc.

Irresistible womanizer and successful entrepreneur Stefan Margiel returns home after a long absence. At the airport, he meets a young girl who has just quarreled with her boyfriend. Stefan can not resist the young Julie and invites her to his home, knowing that his wife is away. But suddenly, the wife returns, and the enterprising Margel gives Julie out for his daughter.

“Student”, 1988
films sophie marceau student 1988

Director: Claude Pinoto
Cast: Sophie Marceau, Vincent Lindon, Elizabeth Vitali, Jean-Claude Lege, Elena Pompei, Roberto Etties, Bridgette Chamarand, Christian Pereira and others.

“Student” is another French classic of the eighties, to which fans of Sophie Marceau are with particular trepidation.
Valentina’s life is full of worries, she studies and teaches at the Sorbonne at the same time, prepares for exams and does not find time for her personal life at all. Until he meets Ned, a musician who is far from literature and philosophy, but to which Valentina’s heart flamed with a great and bright feeling.

“My nights are more beautiful than your days”, 1989
movies sophie marceau My nights are more beautiful than your days 1989

Director: Andrzej Zhulavsky
Cast: Sophie Marceau, Jacques Dutron, Valerie Lagrange, Miriam Mezieres, Laure Killing, Francois Schaumett, Sadie Rebbo, Salim Talby, etc.

Luc’s computer genius suffers from an unknown disease that wears him out. A memory-losing man meets Blanche, a young woman who is sucked into a vicious circle by her entourage. They spend days and nights together, realizing how little time is allocated to them.
“My nights are more beautiful than your days” is a classic film by Andrzej Zhulavsky, who always avoided simplicity, veiling the meaning of his paintings behind intriguing symbolism, which can not do without frank and tearful scenes.

The Fragrance of Love Fanfan, 1993
films sophie marceau love fragrance fanfan 1993

Director: Alexander Zharden
Cast: Sophie Marceau, Vincent Perez, Marine Delterme, Micheline Prel, Gerard Seti, Bruno Todeschini, Ariel Semenoff, Marcel Marechal, Gerard Cayo, Beatrice Estherl and others.

Alexander is a handsome young man who is going to marry his bride. An unexpected meeting with Fanfang, a student in the perfume department, turns his life around. Immediate Fanfan captivates him at first sight, and, not wanting to destroy this harmony, decides to limit himself to platonic relations, which, of course, does not suit her, who is madly in love with Alexander.

Braveheart 1995
movies sophie marceau braveheart 1995

Director: Mel Gibson
Cast: Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, Patrick McGuen, Angus McFadyen, Brendan Gleason, Catherine McCormack, Brian Cox, Gerard McSorley, Martin Murphy, etc.

William Wallace is the national hero of the Scottish people who dedicated his life to the struggle for his freedom. “Braveheart” colorful and spectacularly describes the events of those years, full of selfless struggle and bloody battles.

The film received five Oscars, including as the best film of the year, and for Sophie Marceau it became the first and one of the largest projects outside of France.

“Anna Karenina”, 1997
Sophie Marceau’s films Anna Karenina 1997

Director: Bernard Rose
Cast: Sophie Marceau, Sean Bean, Alfred Molina, Mia Kirchner, James Fox, Fiona Show, Danny Houston, Phyllida Law, David Scofield, Saskia Wickham and others.

The next film adaptation of Tolstoy’s immortal novel became a landmark for Sophie Marceau, who demonstrated the breadth of her acting range, embodying this complex female character on the screen.

Fidelity, 2000
movies sophie marceau fidelity 2000

Director: Andrzej Zhulavsky
Cast: Sophie Marceau, Pascal Greggory, Guillaume Canet, Michelle Subor, Magalie Noel, Marc Francois, Edith Skob, Marina Hands, Manuel Le Livre, etc.

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